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2021 Prize Guidelines:

1. Fairness in determining nonprofit award winners is very important to Giving DuPage. The platform identifies "unique donors" by reviewing a combination of donor name, email and mailing address. All prizes that require unique donors will be verified using two levels of review:
a) the platform generates prize winners based on prize category and guidelines
b) Giving DuPage audits the prize process to ensure winners are correctly identified

2. For the Young Philanthropist Award - donations made by parents will be accepted.

3. In the event of a tie, the prize award will be split equally with winners.

4. Prize award winners will be announced before the end of May (if not sooner) and will be posted to the prizes page.

5. Prize award winners may also be shared on Giving DuPage social media channels.

6. Prize checks will be mailed with charity fundraising checks in the first week of June (if not sooner).

7. All decisions are final.