Terms and Conditions

Our organization agrees to the following terms & conditions: 

  • Our organization is a registered 501c3 organization, providing programs & services in DuPage County as a charitable organization (i.e. no sports/social leagues or clubs, no special interest/political groups).
  • Our organization agrees to submit all donations – both online and offline – to Giving DuPage for appropriate disbursement, per payout schedule.
  • Our organization agrees to the financial disbursement schedule outlined at the Giving DuPage Day website and ‘Participating Charity Reference Guide’. 
  • For this event only, our organization agrees to direct all donors to the official Giving DuPage Day website, Giving DuPage social media sites and other related links, for fundraising efforts.
  • Our organization agrees to not use other platforms or apps for fundraising purposes.
  • Our organization agrees to provide the latest year’s 990 filing, to verify our nonprofit status is in good standing – this information is not shared with any other entity or individual. 
  • For this event only, our organization agrees to only utilize official Giving DuPage Day® or the Giving DuPage® logos and marketing materials - including print, electronic and social sharing
  • For this event only, if our organization creates promotional materials, we agree to use the official Giving DuPage Day® logo and will get approval from Giving DuPage for marketing.
  • For this event only, our organization will NOT solicit sponsors, or in-kind donors, or make sponsorship agreements for Giving DuPage Day. All sponsorship agreements will be created by Giving DuPage.
  • For this event only, we will provide our org’s logo to Giving DuPage for use at givingdupageday.org and for use on our org’s fundraising page.